Be Ahead….

Nowadays its very important to represent yourself in the right way when applying for a job. In general business as in normal life there is something called first impression as everybody know and feel. It’s also applicable for the recruitment field.

The first impression comes from the resume in the first place. when you are applying for a job don’t forget that you have a lot of competitors. The first round is the resume, how it looks and contains giving the first impression for the employer.

“How it looks” gives the impression whether the candidate is organized, simple, like to talk much, go right a way to the point, clear, comfortable, or not.

It’s not you what you want to show, it’s what the employer wants to see in your resume. so give him what he wants to see.

How To Write a Perfect Resume ?

Every perfect resume contains three parts as in the stories, the interface, the content or the body, and the end.

try to do it brief, simple, useful and easy to read.

the interface contains the personal details, the name, the address, contact details, age and a photo.

the body content contains a brief description  “what all about” describing yourself with general terms about qualification and experience.


mention your educational qualification, training courses, certificates, workshops, seminars, etc.


starting from the last job with the starting/ending date, company name, designation, leave reason. then the description for your roles, duty and achievements. with focus on the technical experience points which is very important to the employer. try as much as you can to make it simple, brief and clear.

The End of the resume is containing some more information like the reference, interests, or if you want to mention some more information about yourself.

Using Templates

there are a lot of resume templates around to fill the required information in a smooth way, and as I mentioned comfortable for reading.

Contact Details

always use the contact method where its easy to be reached.