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A part of searching for a new job is to arrange your resume which is playing a very important role in your career for now and future. Building your resume in the right way is a core part while searching for a new job. Bear in mind that your resume is your gate to the employer. As in most cases the employer will look at and judge you through your resume.

From a recruiter prospective I would consider the resume is a real mirror for the person behind.

I came through many resumes where you really comfortable to deal with, which considered an ad value for the candidate.

How to Build your Resume?


Know what you write, write what you know.

  • Use a template: there are tons of templates online to write your resume. The simplest way is to use Microsoft Word templates.
  • Complete Personal Details: arrange your personal details to be smoothly identified and make it clear, brief and simple. There are some important parts related to the employer would like to see in the personal details such as Full Name, Date of Birth, Nationality and Contact Details.

The last one is very important. In contact details, be sure that you are putting adequate and efficient ways, then to be always checking up your contact methods. Simply I would say “BE EASY To BE REACHED”. No need in most cases to put physical address, landline or POB as its an old fashion ways of communication and nobody use it any more. Contact details must contain your email address and your Mobile No. An add-value is to mention your WhatsApp if for the same No. or for different No.


  • An Overview: a brief description of yourself related to the purpose of career. Starting with your last designation then with a base qualification with some strong points reflecting briefly the experience, qualifications and the important parts related to your career filed. Closing with the purpose of the resume.
  • Qualifications: in this part you mention your qualification with details of the date, institute, accreditation, one by one. Again make it clear, brief and simple.
  • Work Experience: starting from the newest to the latest in order. Make it separate for each other. Start each with Designation, Company Name, City, Country and Date “From To”
    Description of your duty and roles: describe in details your duty tasks, roles and achievement in brief. Highlight what you think is important part for the new employer. Again go to the point. No need to stuck a lot of unneeded information.
  • Additional Qualifications or Skills: in this part you add in general some other qualification might or not be an advantage for the job you are applying for but it’s good to mention. In many cases these part is critical for some jobs. Such as Driving License, Microsoft Office and languages.
  • References: Some companies really give a big consideration of the reference sources. Keep it updated, give adequate communication tools for the reference such as email or phone.

Sample Resume:

I have included a sample resume below which is a good example:


Sample Profile


Other Parts:

There are some other parts or components of the resume optional but not essential like Objective “you can add it in the overview if you wish to” and hobbies.

Some Other Tips:

    • Be Honest: Be explicit to what you know and what you have done.
    • Be Professional: use clear, brief and to the point description.
    • PDF Format: after you finish your resume save it in PDF format as will be lighter, displayed more clear, easier to be transferred, none editable “unless processed”.
    • Name Your Resume: Name your resume in a format clear to be identified and to be found during a search process. Like to name as Electrical_Engineer_John_Smith.pdf.
    • Using Email: when you are sending your resume through the email, try to be specific. In the Address mention “Application for Electrical Engineer Position – John Smith”
    • In the body email try to be polite with brief description:


Building Resume Tips
Building Resume Tips