FilingMe Opened Source Platform For Jobs – New Start

FilingMe is an open source platform for jobs and careers has developed it’s website

with new features and preparing for a new start.

It’s strait forward application allowing job seekers and employers for direct contacts with each other.

Job Seekers can upload their resume with their details in very easy way to be displayed in a nice layout. easy to use and more important easy to be reached (if the applicant wants so).

Employers can easily browse the members to pick up the profile they are looking for. They can also post jobs which will be opened for job seekers.

The platform designed in a simple, strait forward and easy to get the required information.


  1. Job Seekers  (Members) can easily create their profiles with the required information needed for the potential employer.
  2. Job Seekers can upload their resumes both in Word or PDF, the resume will be displayed in the profile page along with other details.
  3. The platform designed to show the online user. this feature allow employer to pick up some candidates online whether for Freelance Jobs, Temporary, Online jobs and permanent jobs.
  4. Message Feature: Users (Members and Employers) can message each other in regards to job opportunity, more details and even for business opportunity.
  5. Follow and Followers Feature: Users (Members and Employers) can follow each other.
  6. Users are able to modify change and delete their profile.
  7. Search Jobs according to Location
  8. Employers can post as many jobs as they want, receiving applications on email or they can follow up applications through the employer dashboard.
  9. The platform well connected to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), make it easy for candidates to be found while someone is searching for resume or candidate.
  10. The Wall: is allowing users to post in their wall as well as in the main wall, receive and post comments.
  11. News Letter Option: users can choose to receive weekly news letter with last posts and jobs.
  12. Easy to share: pages, posts, wall and jobs.

If you are looking for a new start, be connected online and let the others know.

FilingMe is an opened source for Jobs, Careers and employment. all the services are free.

FilingMe Support Team